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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

Summary Reusable software components
Owner(s) jrobbins

Today's software systems are increasingly complex. Yet, the time and effort available to produce these systems has become shorter rather than longer.

Software reuse is one of the most important solutions to the challenge of building complex systems. Effective reuse requires:

  • Easily accessible repositories of useful, high-quality components
  • Standards in technology, documentation, and software process
  • Tools for finding, understanding, evaluating, adapting, and integrating reusable components
  • Effective support of the developer community that is reusing each library

This category on tigris.org hosts open source projects that are producing widely reusable software components.


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Project name Summary
cvslib A .Net library for interacting with a CVS command line client
cyberwebform A modle-view-controll architecture for J2EE web application
daffodildb One$DB: An Open Source Java Database
daisy a component-based distributed application framework
dbhelper ADO.NET access helpers
delphiexpert Delphi AddIn Expert Toolkit
directforms Java GUI library for Win32 API compatible systems
dotnetopenid C# .NET implementation of Janrain's OpenID library.
dotspect Post compilation Language-Independent AOP framework
drip Drip is an Inversion of Control (IoC) container written in PHP4.
dynamicdom Dynamic DOM adds dynamism to XML using XRules business rules.
elephant Elephant is a C++ memory observer.
ereport Create database reports in spreadsheets.
firebird-ce Firebird RDBMS for WinCE
gafj GAfJ - GPS Access for Java
gamesdk C++ Game Development Kit
garden Dependency Injection for PHP5
gechpp Gechpp is an open-source GUI template library for C++.
gef Java Graph Editing Framework
gef-dotnet Port of GEF library to .NET
gef-freehep A bridge between GEF and the freehep vector graphics library
gef-layout Graph layout algoritms for GEF
gef-swingwt AN SWT layer for GEF (using swingwt)
gefdemo Demo applications using GEF
gefnet A C# port of the GEF project