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Summary Reusable software components
Owner(s) jrobbins

Today's software systems are increasingly complex. Yet, the time and effort available to produce these systems has become shorter rather than longer.

Software reuse is one of the most important solutions to the challenge of building complex systems. Effective reuse requires:

  • Easily accessible repositories of useful, high-quality components
  • Standards in technology, documentation, and software process
  • Tools for finding, understanding, evaluating, adapting, and integrating reusable components
  • Effective support of the developer community that is reusing each library

This category on tigris.org hosts open source projects that are producing widely reusable software components.


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Project name Summary
genelib the common Gene library
gexengine Open source graphics engine
gl-core-and-jen Double Entry General Ledger System and Je Generator
graf A framework for designing and testing graph theory algorithms.
guff Game development framework
hjb HJB (HTTP JMS Bridge)
hollywood ColdFusion MVC Framework
icalendar-ada reading iCalendar format in Ada.
inana C# Data Access Layer
interphace PHP Object Model and Framework for User Interface Components.
izzy A Thin Client Framework for ActionScript 2
jars A storehouse of jars for various projects
jawt Java AWT graphics toolkit
jdatabase Native database for the J programming language
jdbcwrap Easy JDBC Wrapper
jean Jean extends the standard container library in Ada 2005.
jeex Controller language in XML/javascript to build View, drive Model
jetmailer A set of email services implemented in Java.
jguarani Java Swing Components
jmep Java Mathematical Expression Parser
jms4spread A JMS bridge to the Spread messaging service
join-library C++ asynchronous concurrency lib based on Cw and Join Calculus
joist Java Open Infrastructure for Servlets and Templates
jsapar Java lib for schema based parser/producer of CSV and flat files
jsimflex A tool for distributing simulator objects