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Summary Reusable software components
Owner(s) jrobbins

Today's software systems are increasingly complex. Yet, the time and effort available to produce these systems has become shorter rather than longer.

Software reuse is one of the most important solutions to the challenge of building complex systems. Effective reuse requires:

  • Easily accessible repositories of useful, high-quality components
  • Standards in technology, documentation, and software process
  • Tools for finding, understanding, evaluating, adapting, and integrating reusable components
  • Effective support of the developer community that is reusing each library

This category on tigris.org hosts open source projects that are producing widely reusable software components.


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Project name Summary
jswitchboard A Java library enabling the loose coupling of components.
lava Lisp-based extension and scripting language for Java
lawngnome PHP OO DB Model inspired by Django
lazer Returns elements of a program in language specific tokens
libbatch libbatch is a batch processes Python library
libemu A library to help the developing of new emulators.
libk2 Networking and concurrency components
libprf1 Preferences Registry Format configuration file access library
lightblue C++ language support for QUALCOMM's BREW SDK
limax ORM for Apache Lucene
limax-demo caveat emptor, demonstrational limax implementation
limb Limb PHP Framework
lincs Complete configuration system, for OS, apps and machine clusters
linguafranca Database reverse-engineering toolkit for PHP5
log4javascript Javascript logging framework based on log4j
macroscope SDK for easy writing high scalable network programs and more...
madcow Java port of MySQL built-ins
makofo XSL-FO Editor
marc4j MARC4J is an open source library for working with MARC records.
mathlib Pascal Mathematical Library
mbunit Flexible Unit Test Framework
metascript summary metascript
mgc Managed Graph Component "MataMata"
minimax A Java/C# library for computational mathematics.
miscutil A .Net library containing some helpful utility classes