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Summary Reusable software components
Owner(s) jrobbins

Today's software systems are increasingly complex. Yet, the time and effort available to produce these systems has become shorter rather than longer.

Software reuse is one of the most important solutions to the challenge of building complex systems. Effective reuse requires:

  • Easily accessible repositories of useful, high-quality components
  • Standards in technology, documentation, and software process
  • Tools for finding, understanding, evaluating, adapting, and integrating reusable components
  • Effective support of the developer community that is reusing each library

This category on tigris.org hosts open source projects that are producing widely reusable software components.


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Project name Summary
standlibs2 standlibs.2 is a cross-browser library for all your DHTML
stencil Template Engine for C#
subethasmtp A multithreaded standalone SMTP mail server implementation.
svnbook-ptbr Tradução para o português do livro Version Control with SVN
swidgets Various reusable swing based components
swtgef A SWT GEF Tigris framework
synkronicity XML/XSL-T web framework for J2EE
syntactic General Purpose Neural Network Library
syntalight A text editor component with configurable syntax highlighting
tada-sax SAX based XML utilities
tagonist A laughably simple java webapp framework
tahogen TaHoGen Code Generation Engine
toolbar An improved extension of JToolBar with extra support classes
tpl A language for searching tree-like structures.
trane a library to support experimenting with transformations
ubik .NET Object-Relational Persistence Framework
uiconstructionkit Build browser apps using XML/XSLT/SOAP and a Ruby back end
undo An implementation of an undo queue using the Memento pattern
vanilla realtime 3d rendering engine
vordos-baliso A set of libraries and scaffolding tools for RIA development, built on top of Rejasca and Ext-JS
voronoi Java Library for Delaunay Triangulation and Voronoi Diagrams
winconsole A C++ library to interface easily with the Windows console
xaoslib Easy to use and robust C++ "2D over OpenGL" library
xap4net XmlHttp Application Plattform for the .NET Framework
xgridcsharp XGrid C# Library